Search Engine Technology Knowledgebase

Why is it important and what can you do with it?

Search Engine Technology (SET) may be considerd to be one of the fields in computer science, where almost all technologies meet, have to shake hands and play nice. DNS, HTTP, (X)HTML, XML, Artificial Intelligence, programming, text mining, data mining, database design & optimisation... just a couple of disciplines that have to do with search engines.

Not only is building search engine technology fun, it is also very educational. Unlike most other software, you are required to push all processes to the very limits of what's possible. A 1% decrease in efficiency is a huge deal, which means you are constantly competing with yourself and expanding your knowledge to be better today than you were yesterday.

What does this website offer? aims to be(come) the go-to resource for anything related to SET. We offer a Technology Blog, our own Research Papers and interesting Suggested Reads. Just browse around and let us know what you think!